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Tayler Middleton

From a trauma-informed lens and using a strengths-based approach, Tayler aims to meet her clients where they are at. She strives to form an in-depth understanding of what her clients hope to get out of their sessions. Tayler believes that everyone is capable of gaining knowledge and skills to find healthier pathways towards the life they envision for themselves. Her hope is to collaborate with her clients to find the best way forward, together.

Education and Training

Tayler is currently finishing her last year of her Master of Social Work at the University of Toronto. She has a bachelors in Public Health and Social Policy with a focus on Indigenous Peoples health from the University of Victoria and a diploma in Community, Family and Child Studies. Tayler has worked as a grief counsellor in both individual and group counselling settings. Within her grief work, Tayler also worked with clients around other areas of their life where trauma impacted their grief journey. She also has an extensive background working with children, youth, and young adults who have behavioural challenges and cognitive differences.

Personal Background

In 2019 Tayler moved to Toronto from Vancouver Island to pursue her career in social work. During this transition she gained insight into the culture shock of moving to a new city, with the pandemic being introduced not long after. She found that getting a therapist of her own helped to alleviate some of the personal struggles and challenges she was facing at the time, and she hopes to be able to do the same for others within her social work practice. Since then she has enjoyed getting to know the city and spends her free time walking through Toronto’s parks, going on canoe trips in Northern Ontario, and browsing the local plant shops.

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