Frequently Asked Questions

You may have general or specific questions towards finding mental health or emotional health support for yourself, your marriage, your child or your family as a whole. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How do I get started?

Send us an email, or book a free 30 minute consultation. Whether you know what kind of help you are looking for or you need some help figuring out what the best solution for you would be, we are here for you. We can provide you will all the necessary information. During our free 30 minute consultation we will discuss your needs, get an idea of how we can help you, explain to you the benefits and risks therapy may pose to you, and check whether we are the right match for you. In case we are not, we would still do our best to find out a health care provider or mental health professional we can refer you to that may be better equipped to help you.

Are your services confidential?

We take your privacy very seriously, as seeking help requires you to disclose very personal and private matters to us. The effectiveness of therapy relies on you feeling safe when speaking and dealing with us. We have a legal obligation to maintain confidentiality to all of our clients by not disclosing your information to anyone without your consent. We do have a legal obligation - in some cases - to disclose certain types of information in case this disclosure is needed to maintain your safety. For more detailed information about our privacy policy check here.

How long are sessions ?

Individual sessions are booked for 50 minutes, usually on a weekly or biweekly basis, according to your preferences and needs. Couple and family are 70 minutes. According to your needs, we may suggest - or you may request - longer or shorter sessions, more or less often.

How many sessions will I need?

It is difficult to anticipate how many sessions one particular person will need, as it may be different according to the person, the couple, the family, and the circumstances. We can provide an estimate of how many sessions may be recommended during the initial free consultation.

What are your fees?

Our fees for individual sessions and couple or family sessions are listed on our fees page. If you aren't covered by extended benefits and cannot afford our fees for the length of treatment recommended - talk to us! We are proud to offer some space for sliding-scale services, on a case-by-case evaluation. In Ontario, most health professional services provided by Social Workers contribute towards medical tax credit and may be tax-deductible - you can ask your accountant how that applies to you. We bill our clients directly, and provide a receipt that can be used to submit a claim to extended benefit insurances, if mental-health services are covered. Make sure you review your extended benefit package to make sure you are covered and for how long/how much the coverage extends.

What languages you offer services in?

At this time we have clinicians offering services in English, Italian, and Spanish

What technical equipment do I need for online therapy?

To access our video-therapy sessions you'll need an internet connected electronic device, like a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone - with a microphone and video-cam to meet with your therapist. You may prefer to use headphones, but they are not strictly necessary. You also need access to a safe and private space where no one can overhear your conversations. Online therapy is fairly intuitive and straightforward, you don't need to be a tech-savvy guru! However, it is best if you have some basic understanding of using the internet, connecting to wifi, downloading apps and knowing how your device works - these are details we can review during your free 30 minute consultation so your therapist can ensure you are well equipped and ready to join a session.

Do you have other questions?

We are aware that these generic frequently asked questions may not be exhaustive and that you may have many more questions. We recommend to write us an email at . If you don't like typing or you feel like your questions are more complex, we recommend you to book your 30 minute free consultation and come prepared with your questions so our therapists can answer them in real time.

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