Virtual Therapy in Ontario

Our therapists at the Toronto Centre for Emotional Health are licensed and available for virtual therapy in Ontario. New to virtual therapy? Here you can find information about how online therapy works, problems it can help you address, a to-do list to get ready, therapist we have available for a free virtual therapy consult, and much more.

What is Virtual Therapy?

There are many names for it, and this fact, alone, can be confusing. Someone may have mentioned to you that virtual therapy is accessible in Ontario; you may have heard of someone who goes to "online counselling", and some clinics and practitioners may advertise it as cyber-counselling, tele-therapy or tele-counselling. 

While the sheer amount of names can have can be perplexing, all these terms refer to the same thing: mental health counselling delivered via online conference call or over the phone. Since the beginning of the pandemic with the risk of exposure given to COVID-19, a lot of clinics and practitioners have started using virtual sessions. However, virtual delivery of mental health services is not a new phenomenon, Several studies since 2013 all the way to to the 2020’s  have looked into advantages and disadvantages of virtual therapy.

What are the advantages of virtual therapy?

The accessibility of care, the time and transport costs saved by the clients, the increased privacy and comfort of one’s home can be among the most common advantages of online therapy. Others may be the ability to avoid stress, fear or frustration of commuting, which, at times, may make virtual therapy for some forms of anxiety the better choice. Parents, caregivers and pet owners may also feel it is an advantage for them to be able to stay at home with their loved ones while accessing mental health services virtually. 

Are your virtual therapy sessions in Ontario safe? Are there any disadvantages or risks?

Virtual therapy in Ontario is highly regulated, by the same legislation that regulates in-person psychotherapy or counselling delivered by licensed therapists. The added risks of this method of delivery are connected to the use of technology. Phones, chat programs and video communication may expose sensitive data if they're not encrypted or safely maintained.

At the Toronto Centre for Emotional Health we use a secure, licensed Zoom account, compliant with Ontario’s privacy law, the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) to ensure confidentiality with all our clients.

At the same time, the risk can still be greater with virtual therapy sessions as we can’t control the environment where you log in from. If someone lives with you or you have a nosey neighbour, parts of what is being said could be overheard from them - using headphones or earbuds can mitigate this risk, but they could still hear what you are saying .If you have little privacy at home, and can’t find another solution, consider therapy in our Toronto offices as a low-stress alternative.

At the Toronto Centre for Emotional Health, our clinical therapists are licensed and experiences in providing virtual therapy in Ontario, for citizens or residents. If needed, they can also facilitate transitioning from in person to virtual therapy, when it becomes preferred or recommendable for you.

How effective is online therapy?

With the recent increase of online therapy availability, several studies have been looking at the effectiveness of internet based therapy. A review of 17 studies has found that there are no significant differences in results when delivering cognitive behavioural therapy for depression virtually or in person. Another study has looked at the effectiveness of psychodynamic based interventions finding virtual therapy to be almost as effective as in person therapy. The American Psychological Association reports tele-mental health being equivalent to face-to-face care in various settings.

Which problems and conditions can online therapy help with?

You can talk to a therapist online to address numerous issues. Our experts are trained and licensed to offer online therapy for anxiety, online depression therapy, and online mental health counseling for many other conditions and issues.

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