Couples and Marriage Counselling

When you and your partner feel as though you have hit a wall-- whether it be through cooperation, communication, or connection -- it can be challenging to know what do next. It feels frustrating, isolating, and maybe even hopeless. Despite these emotions, you and your significant other want to commit to exploring your relationship and work toward joint change.

If this resonates for you, our team at TCEH can help. We work with couples as a singular unit; with no biases or “side taking”, we allow for work to be done collaboratively and neutrally. For issues of trust and communication, we utilize Emotion and Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples in order to identify how a couple communicates, what their core needs are, and how we can have those needs be met. Typically, couples’ sessions will comprise of an initial session with the therapist, an individual session with each partner, and then around 8 to 20 sessions following. 

Toronto, ON - Canada


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